A duo in perfect harmony: Radnor & Lee interview

Article written for Flyer News, published May 22, 2017.

    Josh Radnor and Ben Lee’s newest musical endeavor breaks away from the traditional music scene by incorporating meditative, thought provoking lyrics into folk pop songs. Brought together through their love of philosophy and acoustic music, Radnor & Lee are a match made in harmony heaven.

    Radnor and Lee have had their fair share of success through their previous projects. Lee started his musical career in the ‘90s Australian alternative-rock band, Noise Addict and has been producing indie-pop music for almost 25 years. Radnor, famously known for playing Ted Mosby on the CBS hit show “How I Met Your Mother,” has spent most of his career acting, directing and screenwriting.

    Friends for over a decade, Radnor and Lee began this project and the rest came naturally. Radnor & Lee’s debut single, “Be Like The Being,” dropped this past Friday on all music platforms. Flyer News got the chance to talk to Radnor & Lee about their newest single, their friendship as songwriters and how they have made this endeavor their own.

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Touching souls with “TENDER SOULS”: PETE RG interview

Article written for Flyer News, published May 27, 2017.

    Smash hit songs tend to have the same formulas: a catchy chorus, overly vague lyrics and a big name in the industry featured on the song. The formula PETE RG uses is a little different.

    “The way I work, I’m a little more ‘boutiquey’ sort of speak,” said Pete RG, vocalist and guitarist of PETE RG. “I’m not going to be making or writing songs that you’re going to find along the lines of Katy Perry or these big smash pop songs, that’s just not my thing.”

    His “thing” is creating music that has more of a meaning. His lyrics and intricate guitar rhythms give his songs an opportunity to touch listeners’ souls on a deeper level.

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Top 20 songs of 2016-17 school year

Article written for Flyer News, published April 25, 2017.

When students stroll down the streets of UD’s student neighborhood, words are often projected from different houses that lively echo throughout the neighborhood. And no, this time it’s not the word “community” that is so famously thrown around. These words are lyrics to songs that flow from fellow Flyers’ porches and houses when it is a nice day outside.

From the catchy drop in The Chainsmokers’ chorus of “Closer,” to the pop acoustics in Ed Sheeran’s “Shape of You,” the Flyer community was listening to great music this school year.

From a fellow Flyer’s point of view, here are the top 20 songs from the 2016-2017 school year at the University of Dayton.

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Artist Spotlight – Olivia Garzona

Article written for Flyer News, published March 21, 2017.

Olivia Garzona, a junior fine arts major, spends most of her days in Fitz Hall. She begins her day how any other person would: waking up, eating breakfast, and preparing for her daily responsibilities.

She then takes her familiar walk down Brown Street to Fitz Hall with the goal of getting her daily fix of art. From printmaking to screenprinting, then painting to photo studio, her usual classes always encourage her to create something new. Then, she ends her day, wakes up the next morning, and does it all over again. It’s a constant cycle of creativity.

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Miranda Sings makes her Netflix debut in “Haters Back Off!”

Article written for Flyer News, published November 7, 2016

The Netflix Original Series “Haters Back Off!” showcases the everyday life of a famous singer, actor, dancer, model, and magician you may have never heard of: Miranda Sings. With over 7 million subscribers on YouTube and a New York Times #1 best selling book, Miranda Sings has developed a loyal fanbase and has taken the world by storm.

She’s not your typical talent; in fact, she has no talent at all. She cannot sing, dance, or act. She is an egotistical and sloppy homeschooled girl who is known for wearing too much red lipstick. Despite all of that, her overwhelming self confidence and drive to become famous doesn’t stop her from performing.

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“Feeding your soul and spirit” with ArtsLIVE

Article written for Flyer News, published October 5, 2016

    With a variety of events at their fingertips, students are exposed to unique forms of education through performances, panels, and keynote speakers. One program students may not be familiar with is ArtsLIVE. Flyer News sat down with Eileen Carr, director of ArtsLIVE, to learn more about the program.

For over 50 years, ArtsLIVE has been entertaining students and the Dayton community by bringing outstanding professional artists from all over the world to UD’s campus. This series is designed specifically to make the best in the arts available to students. Notable artists such as jazz legend Ella Fitzgerald, the dance company Ronald K.Brown/EVIDENCE, and the Kronos Quartet have brought their talents to Dayton for the community to enjoy.

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Narcos Season 2: Who killed Pablo Escobar?

Article written for Flyer News, published September 21, 2016

     September is a big month for Netflix users — Netflix has recently added 111 new TV shows and movies to its streaming service. One of the newest additions is the highly anticipated second season of “Narcos,” a crime drama showcasing the cocaine expedition lead by Pablo Escobar and the Medellín drug cartel. 

Set in Colombia, the story is told from the perspective of Drug Enforcement Administration agent Ryan Murphy, who is a member of the U.S. task force specifically made to control the movement of cocaine to the U.S. as well as ultimately destroy Escobar’s reign. With Murphy’s partner Javier Peña by his side, the show uncovers a brutal history by displaying the life-changing moments of violence and power associated with the cocaine business.

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