Writing a scene – “Next Truck”

This writing assignment focused on bringing a visual image or moment to life. In class, we watched “Next Truck”, a documentary focusing on the closing of the GM plant in Moraine, Ohio. I took one of the final moments from the closing of the GM plant and brought it to life through words. Written spring 2017.

The death of a GM plant

     The day has finally come. On a cold winter day, the GM Truck Group is shutting down its plant in Moraine, Ohio. The plant is home to thousands of workers who spent a majority of their lives working for GM. This move by GM has left the workers afraid and saddened as they try to scramble for new jobs.

The living, breathing entity that was the GM plant is taking its last breaths. The plant is on its deathbed.

A crowd surrounds the last truck made ever in that plant. Camera phones are extended toward the car, held by former workers with tears streaming down their faces. People are squatting, standing, and bending their bodies in all sorts of shapes in order to capture the perfect picture. That picture is a memory.

A man held up a sticker to the crowd. The sticker held the serial number for the last truck made in the plant. He admired it like a precious possession while the crowd shifted to get a look of it. He carefully stuck the sticker on the inside of the car door, sealing the deal. That sticker made the shut-down a reality.

Photo courtesy of doobybrain.com

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