Midterm paper – APO’s goals for the semester

This midterm piece had to cover an organization on campus that we’re involved with. I chose to discuss APO’s goals for the semester and shed light on how being a member is. Written fall 2016.

Alpha Phi Omega’s mission to improve Dayton community

     Alpha Phi Omega, a national coed service fraternity on the University of Dayton’s campus, has big plans for the 2016-2017 school year. Built on three principles-leadership, friendship, and service-APO strives to act out those principles through various community service projects, fellowship activities, and leadership events.

APO’s members, known as brothers, come together every Sunday evening for a mandatory chapter meeting, usually to go over upcoming events and ideas that will improve the fraternity as a whole. Common topics of discussion are recruitment ideas and ways to get more University of Dayton students involved in their service projects.

This semester, there are a total of 53 new pledges. This is the largest number of pledges the service fraternity has seen in a while.

“I was really excited and almost a little overwhelmed by the amount of pledges we received for the fall semester,” said Allyssa Suter, membership vice president of the fraternity. “This is helping our chapter grow in so many new and interesting ways and I can’t wait to see how our chapter evolves with these new members.”

To be considered an active brother in APO, there are specific requirements one has to maintain per semester. Brothers must complete 20 service hours, which is no problem because there are many opportunities always available. APO’s regular service projects in the Dayton area include serving dinner to those in need at House of Bread, tutoring African refugees at River’s Edge Montessori, and walking dogs around Heartland nursing home through their pet therapy program.

Among the other requirements, the most frequently attended events are the fellowship events. Brothers must attend at least one fellowship event, often known to build friendship throughout the fraternity. Events such as potlucks, brother dinners at Chipotle, and late-night drives to Bill’s Donut Shop in Centerville, top the list of most popular events.

“Fellowship events are the best,” Said Alex Cannon, a brother from the spring 2016 pledge class. “Whenever I feel stressed or need a break from the busyness of college, hanging out with brothers always gets me through. I especially love the late night runs for donuts.”

APO’s newest project is organizing its annual HOPE event, otherwise known as the Helping Other People Event that takes place during the spring semester. The event features performances, raffles, and games on campus. All proceeds go to a local charity of the fraternity’s choice.

This year, HOPE is partnering with The Urban Renewal Farm project in East Dayton. TURF provides freshly grown produce to those struggling to access fresh food in the Dayton community.

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